Transmission Make: any classification of goods unloaded the car from the store, etc. installed in the car going to be subjected to the process of handling the warehouse.
Packaging / Package List: In stock turnover rate in the material, quantity, value, etc. the classification according to the criteria.
Warehouse: Depending on the requirements for a specific period of time put into the indoor or outdoor security products field.
Warehouse Delivery Receipt: Third-party logistics services by companies that produce, transport of the goods arranged for organizing the sender, recipient and carrier signatures, cargo and document that contains address information.
Warehouse Delivery-Delivery Certificate: Storage, handling and / or to provide value-added services, the firm providing the service in question, suppliers or customers to take delivery of the goods or deliver the goods when it comes to signing and backing through the document states that passed the responsibility of the concerned party.
Arbitration warehouse: in accordance with permission granted by the Undersecretariat of Customs, the customs authorities of the run, depending on the owner who has to be a legal entity or organization, with goods for export of goods imported into the millileşmemiş konulabileceği repository only.
ATA Carnet: Customs agreements under the temporary entry of goods into a country exempt from customs duties and customs formalities competent authorities of Member States in order to reduce attachment to the agreement document.
ATR Movement Certificate: Turkey or the European Community origin or considered, or in Turkey or in the Community, the free movement of goods to benefit from the provisions of the Additional Protocol to the competent authorities of the exporting country shall be arranged and the document issued by the customs authorities.
Maximum Weight: the weight of the maximum load of the vehicle can carry safely.
Unloading: Materials train, plane, truck and so on. A vehicle in accordance with the process of introduction of a suitable place reduced.
Split Load: wheat, in the form of bulk cargo such as coal and container into the non-nondiagnostic, defined as general cargo, handled individually packaged types of heterogeneous and partial loads.
Cost and Freight CIF: Cost and Freight loaded from the moment the goods are deemed to be delivered to the buyer by the seller. However, freight and insurance costs up to the place of destination of the goods belong to the seller.
CMR Road Transport Certificate: Road transport document. Certificate of CMR CMR Agreement in accordance with International organized a transport truck transports the Act.
Attractive: Trailers and semi-trailers that have been made to draw and load-carrying motor vehicles.
Distribution Channels: The property produces a set of agents used in the period of time until it reaches the final consumer products.
DDU: Delivery of a specified place of destination without payment of customs duty.
Storage: Store in a property used or to be shipped in accordance with the conditions established in the process of stocking.
Storage Cost: rent for the storage of goods, depreciation, labor, insurance, overhead, etc. the sum of the costs incurred.
Bulk Load: A load that is not in the package.
Eximbank: the exporter was established in support of a public agency. Exporters receivable insurance, export credit guarantee programs and offers.
Handling: Stock material unloading, receiving, selecting the allocation, delivery-receipt, unpacking, splitting, stacking, placement, relocation, renovation-deficient completion, collection, packaging, loading, etc. processes.
Physical distribution: manufactured goods to consumers physical handling, storage, inventory controls of, packaging, information, communication and transaction is carried out in order. Outgoing (outbound) is a term that corresponds to logistics.
FOB: The named port of shipment delivery. Seller export transactions and / or finished goods, customs clearance, and the ship's rail at the port of shipment specified in the name of the recipient states over time, as shall in lieu of the obligation to deliver when the.
FTL: Full Truck Load
Certificate of Guarantee: after-sales maintenance and repair of imported products subject to the import of the ministry and the document that contains the commitments of the firm's sales and after-sales service.
Provisional Acceptance: raw, semi-finished or finished products brought from abroad, adding different ingredients or katmayarak in the country or on the value-added processes (labor, etc.) with or without making semi-finished or finished goods abroad and re-excision.
Global Security: Customs During the proceedings, the rights of the State (in respect of taxes) in order to guarantee, to be used in more than one transaction to the transaction addressed to the Customs Directorate made the guarantee.
Customs Declaration Form: Customs authorities in relation to any goods to a customs regime Providing statement, issued after the preparation of relevant documents, by the authorities of the company or firm prepared in accordance with the customs legislation of the countries concerned by the deputy customs brokers, import or export of goods to the notification list.
Incoterms: commercial terms, in order to prevent different interpretations between countries in international sales, prepared by the International Chamber of Commerce, and the use of the optional rules of international review.
Shipping: Carrying goods or goods.
Value Added Operations: warehouses to customer demands made on labeling, packaging, folding, heat metering, transfer, mixing, merging, sorting, palletising light assembly, returns processing, disposal, barcode operations, maintenance and repair operations, and so on. such processes.
Consolidation: Small-volume transport loads by creating large scale savings parties to ensure the installation
Openning: the owners of the goods, examination of returns to be able to edit your stuff before misrepresentation, sampling and weighing right.
Logistics: Purchasing, import, export, storage, handling, inventory control, shipping, cargo tracking tools, etc. is all of the activities.
LTL: Truck load, low-partial load.
Return to sender: Imported material is returned to the country imported in the absence of appropriate qualifications.
Receiving: the process of the adoption of the material from the warehouse. The operation field of the load to be emptied and accept the goods, the registered information to compare the physical information of the goods receipt and keep track of operations covers the repository.
Certificate of origin: due process where the material is produced or manufactured deemed location (country) that document.
Force Majeure: The parties responsible for the tutulamayacaklarına due to circumstances beyond their control that developing provision (earthquakes, floods, war, etc.).
Transport Agency: Handling of goods and specialized people, usually shipping broker.
Marine Insurance: insurance that will cover losses in transportation of goods or means of transport in the future
Transportation: Land, Air and Sea Freight or cargo pipeline that can be performed by using the official documents and transportation.
Price: to be paid on behalf of the carrier, which consists of all charges relating to transport of goods and passengers.
Freight Cost: the cost for transportation of imported and exported goods.
Freight Invoice: CIF and freight of the goods exported to the CF must be paid by the seller. Been paid freight bill of lading to verify on the "freight paid" record is placed. This register contains the bill of lading bill of lading issued by a freight forwarder with the bill needs to be given to the bank. This freight invoice, receipt of goods loaded and displayed a freight NO EVENT debt.
Ordino: Material cleared for withdrawal after the final point in the document issued by the importer.
Private Bonded Warehouse: A warehouse is a type of company stores only its own goods.
Summary Statement: a document showing that the customs of goods imported and exported. Filled in by the customs on goods supplied by shippers konşimentosuna manifestos.
Packaging: appropriate amount of material, security, etc. packaging should be according to the conditions.
Pallet: used for storage and shipment, and goods made of various materials placed on the platform.
Pallet: used for storage and shipment, and goods made of various materials placed on the platform.
Palletizing: goods, pallets for shipment and storage of sediments.
Partial: not fill all of the transport vehicle loads.
Underwriting: the terms of the insurance contract is made and the mutual covenant (as having the rights and obligations of both parties) a written contract.
Ro-Ro: Car and transportation of containers made specifically for the ship.
Trailer: Motor vehicle taken to move people or goods made of non-motorized vehicles.
Supalai: land and sea transport, in particular the porch or in bonded warehouse is emptied of goods, customs procedures where the vehicle (inspection, etc.) done and the process of withdrawal from the bonded is called the field. In refrigerated vehicles, storage, food etc to be changed condition Articles are applied.
Transport Waybill: by the owner of the vehicle, the transport of goods and destination address information, and the official evraktır.
Transport: the transmission of a particular people and cargo between points geçekleştirilen.
Carrier: someone else (clients) for the cost of the goods by land, sea, and / or through the air with the company.
Transit Downloads: international transport of load transfer from one carrier to another carrier. Often used in maritime transport.
International Transportation: one country, either directly or in transit to a country, road, sea, rail and / or air transport.
Loading and Unloading Area: for the purpose of loading or unloading of materials put into a temporary area.